Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I purchased an online course, how do I access it?

A. When you purchase a course you will be sent a payment conformation, like the one pictured below. This will include a web address link to your course - click on the link and select the 'enrol' button. If this is your first time using Canvas, you will be asked to set up a free student account. Once you have clicked on the 'enrol' button, your course will show up in your Dashboard and Courses menu.

Remember to keep a note of your login details and password, as we do not have access to this information. If you do not receive the conformation message with the course link immediately after making payment, please contact us via email: enchantedmoonacademy@gmail.com

Click on the course link in payment conformation message to access your course

Q. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

A. Simply request a new password via the option to do so on the Canvas accounts login page. This option will come up once you try to login with the incorrect details. 

Q. I logged out of my course after my first session and now can't remember how to access it again. How do I get back to my course?

A. Simply search 'Canvas Login' or entre 'https://www.instructure.com/en-gb/canvas/login'. This will take you to the login page. From here, select the 'Canvas Student Account' login option and entre your email and password. This will take you back into your account where you will find all your courses. 

Q. How long does it take to complete a course?

A. Courses vary in length and workload. Read the information given in the individual course page to find out how many modules it's comprised of, and what the coursework load will be like. You can work through each course at your own pace, as there are no deadlines, video classes or dates to be met. 

Q. I am not based in the UK, can I still take a course?

A. Absolutely! We have students based all around the globe. 

Q. Do I need to download any special software or apps?

A. Everything you need to complete a course is provided on the online learning platform, so you do not need anything extra software wise. Courses give you the option to upload work either as text (which you can type directly into the message box provided), or you can upload files and media recordings if you prefer and have this option. You may like to download the free Canvas Student app so that you can access your courses from your mobile devices. 

Q. I have never taken an online course before. How easy is it to navigate?

A. We have specifically chosen Canvas as out learning platform due to its simple layout and ease of use. We format each course so that it is as easy and straight forward to work through as we can. We also include a  link to a tutorial video in the course preliminaries to help you understand how to navigate the platform and find what you need. Your tutor is always on hand to help you (simply send them a message via the 'Inbox' messaging service found in the column to the left of the screen) any time you get stuck. You are also welcome to email us here at the academy for additional support: enchantedmoonacademy@gmail.com

Q. I have finished my course. Can I go back and look at it again in the future, or do I need to download all the files?

A. You can go back and re-look at the information in the course modules at any time. So long as the Canvas platform continues to run, your course will be available to view. You may download course files, for private use, if you wish to view them whilst off line.

Q. Do I need to purchase additional supplies and books to complete my course?

A. Some courses require students to obtain additional materials - this is always clearly stated in the course description. Most courses require no additional supplies or text books. We do tend to provide suggestions for recommended books, just in case you wish to study a subject further. 

Q. Are your courses accredited?

A. We do not provide any courses accredited by a professional registered body at the current time. There is no such accreditation available for the vast majority of the course we tend to offer (i.e. magick, the esoteric and occult). Despite making claims to the contrary,  other academies and on-line course providers are in a similar position. The 'accreditation' that some claim to offer is highly dubious and not accepted by most institutions. 

We do, however, strive to ensure that all of our courses are of the highest standard - providing accurate information, engaging contents and rewarding learning opportunities, leaving our students feeling inspired and confident to move forward in their practices and learning journey. We have also started to award certificates of completion for students to download themselves once they have finished a course. 

Our faculty also includes members who belong to professional teaching, healing and health bodies, and who have been studying and teaching the arcane arts for a great number of years.  

Q. I do not identify as a witch, but I would like to complete a course of learning similar to the degrees in witchcraft? Do you offer any sort of set training path for people, like me, who don't want to join a coven or be part of a established tradition?

A. This is something that we are currently working on and will launch later in the year.