SEPTEMBER 2023 - New Courses Alert!

After taking a well earned rest over the month of August, the academy is proud to announce the launch of two brand new courses. First we have Wort Moon's greatly anticipated 'Candle Magick' course. This comprises of 12 lessons covering everything from the history of fire and candle rituals, to using candles for healing, protection, divination and of course... spells! Click the link for details: Candle Magick

We are also delighted to introduce 'An Introduction To Haitian Vodou' created by the wonderful Bon Houngan Lampe, a Senior Vodou Priest who has been practising the religion for over 40 years. This comprises of four easy to follow slide presentations and has been graded as having only a very light coursework load - perfect for sliding gently back into your studies. 

JUNE 2023 - New 'Metal Magick' Course!

We kick off summer with the introduction of a new course exploring the magick of metals. Created by Wort Moon (a long standing High Priestess and Elder of our Craft line), this course is idea for those that want to move beyond the basics and expand their magickal repitoire. See our Metal Magick course page for more info. 

MAY 2023 - ACADEMY NAME CHANGE - we have changed our name to the Enchanted Moon Academy to better reflect the wide range of courses we offer, and make them more appealing and inclusive to non witches. Please take note of our new email:

April 2023 - NEW COURSES - we have three exciting new courses freshly added to our catalogue - 'Colours In Crystal Healing' by Wort Moon,  'Runes' by Azurite Moon & 'Norse Paganism' by Athene Moon. Click on the links provided to find out more. More new courses will be added shortly.

March 2023 - Changes To Course Enrolment & Completion Dates

We love to hear feedback and suggestions for improvements, and the one thing we keep being asked is to make our catalogue  available individually and allow longer completing dates. So, as of April, our course delivery model will change from the current termly system, to one where you are free to sign up for any course, at any time with no time limits or constrains. 


February 2023 - MOON CIRCLES - we hold monthly  in-person circles  on the first Monday of each month if you fancy attending a gathering of like-minded people. They are held at the village of Beech Hill near Reading, South England, UK. Pre-booking is essential. Please visit our Enchanted Moon Circles website for more details.