The Academy is run by members of our established priesthood who have undergone many years of  training and study as part of the Enchanted Moon tradition. We also have a few guest tutors from outside of our tradition in order to cover a wider subject range. You will find that some tutors tend to offer courses in their specialist field, whilst others may offer a much broader range. They each have their own style and teaching preferences which you can find out more about below. 

Course tutor are always on hand to help you via the inbuilt messaging service. You can also email us here at the academy:

Wort Moon - Founder & Principle

Wort Moon is a Pagan Witch based near Reading, Berkshire. She is a longtime teacher of witchcraft, healing, and magick in the south of England. She is the founder and principal of the Enchanted Moon Academy, founder of the Enchanted Moon tradition, and Elder High Priestess of a coven. Wort has given talks, taught workshops, and led rituals at many festivals and conferences over the years. She is the main organiser of the Reading Pagan Community group, running monthly moots, rituals, classes and workshops to a large, vibrant community.

Wort has a very broad knowledge base and is a Mistress in many disciplines including Magick, Healing and Seership. She enjoys teaching a whole range of subjects from history to herbalism.  Wort tends to deliver her lessons in the form of written text and slide presentations. These are usually accompanied by links to supporting videos, articles and recommended book titles. She likes to set her students fun assignments and quizzes to help embed knowledge more deeply.  You can find out more at her website:

Athene Moon - Teacher 

Athene is a High Priestess of the Enchanted Moon tradition who has a passion for Norse mythology and practices which she has been studying for a number of years. She has created an introductory course on Norse Paganism based on her own experiences of learning the traditions, mythology and beliefs, making it easy to understand and carve out your own way to practice the faith. She is our resident "Mistress of Seership" and is working on a series of courses covering all sorts of divination methods.

Athene delivers most of her lessons via slide presentations, accompanied by assignments created to gauge the students understanding of the lessons and to help them embed what they have learnt into their own practices. 

Asteria Moon - Teacher

Asteria is a Priestess with the Enchanted Moon tradition who is currently studying towards becoming a "Mistress of Healing." She greatly enjoys sharing her knowledge of plant lore and magic and the healing properties of herbs. Look out for her course on the Nigon Wyrta Galdor a traditional Old English herbal charm from the Anglo-Saxon Lacnunga manuscript that will be coming soon. 

Dragon Moon - Teacher

Dragon Moon is a Priestess of the Enchanted Moon Craft line with a panache for spell weaving and magical craft projects. She is currently working towards becoming a "Mistress of Magick." She will be sharing her wisdom and ideas with us in the near future, so keep an eye out for her 'Nine Sacred Woods' courses which will be added to our catalogue soon. 

Azurite Moon - Guest Teacher

Azurite has studied and worked with the runes for many years and is a talented craftsman and magical worker. We are delighted to be able to offer his Rune course here at the academy. 

Azurite teaches via written text lessons which are accompanied by suggestions for further reading, creative and practical assignments.

Lampe - Guest Teacher

Bon Houngan Lampe DeNwite DiGinea (which translates as a Good Priest Light at Night of Africa) has been an Houngan Sur Pwen (Junior Priest) of Haitian Vodou for many years. He has created an introductory course on Haitian Vodou to share his love for this spiritually rich, and often much misunderstood, religion.

Interested in becoming a guest teacher here at the academy? Email Wort Moon with details of your experience,  subject and course outline: