Delivery Details

Accessing Courses

Digital Product Purchases

All our courses are delivered online via a professional learning platform called Canvas which is run by a company called Instructure.

When you purchase a courses, you will be issued automatically with a payment conformation message that also contains a link to your course. 

Getting Started

Simply click the course link in the conformation message and follow the online instructions.

Once you have created a free students Canvas account, you can access all future courses on the one platform. Make sure you keep a note of your login and password for your private Canvas account, as we do not have access to this information and will not be able to assist you with gaining access to your account in the event of you losing your login details.

ALSO, before logging out for the first time, go to your 'Account' and 'Settings' to make sure your correct email address and details our saved.

Problems With Course Access

If you have any issues or problems accessing your course, please email us at:

Course Contents

Everything you need to complete your course can be found in the lesson modules. Start by reading the 'Get Started' information and watch the video tutorial on how to navigate Canvas.

Work your way through each module in sequence. You may find that some modules and course materials remain locked until you have completed the necessary tasks required in the previous lesson. Once a module becomes unlocked it will remain so, so that you may go back and access it any time in the future.

Your course tutor can be contacted via the Canvas 'Inbox' message system any time you need help or assistance.