Herbal Tinctures

Herbal Tinctures

Course Tutor: Wort Moon

Number of Lessons: 4

Level: Suitable for beginners and beyond.

Prerequisites: none

Cost: £4 unlimited access

Course details:

Tinctures are regarded as the cornerstone of traditional herbal medicine due to their effectiveness and efficiency. Herbs are steeped in liquid to make tinctures, which have been used for centuries to cure a variety of illnesses and ailments.

In this course, we will learn what a tincture is, the history and use of tinctures, methods of tincturing & how they are made, the various types of tincture, shelf life, storage, and safety information with regards to taking them.

By the end of this course, students will:

Course Modules:

Lesson 1 - What Are Tinctures?

Lesson 2 - Methods & Menstruums

Lesson 3 - Making Tinctures

Lesson 4 - Safety, Use & Storage

Course requirements & additional resources:

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Assessment & Accreditation

This course has been graded as having a 'moderate' coursework load. You will be expected to complete a written task. There are also a couple of short surveys to complete in order to help us improve our service, and ensure you gain the most from the course. 

The Enchanted Moon Academy is a service provided by the Wytch Moon Tradition as part of their commitment to helping others access quality information and training on magical and Craft related matters. See our 'Path Training' page for more information with regards to coven based training. Completion of this course counts as 1 credit towards The Path of Air - 'Healer' Stream.