Metal Magick

Metal Magick

Course Tutor: Wort Moon

Number of Lessons: 12

Level: Suitable for those ready to advance beyond the basics

Prerequisites: none

Cost:  £12 unlimited access 

Course Description & Learning Outcomes:

An often overlooked, but highly useful area of study, is the application of metals in magick and spiritual work. The use of metals as magickal correspondences is truly ancient. Study any of the old magickal texts and you will encounter references to the 'Seven Metals Of Antiquity' or 'The Seven Noble Metals Of The Ancients.' Combining scientific fact with ancient mysticism and folklore, the course takes an in-depth look at the seven magickal metals: gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, lead and mercury, plus many other metals and alloys.

Through this 12 part course you will learn all about the living world of metals  including early beliefs and applications, the spiritual significance of smiths (metal workers) and the work of the alchemists. You will also discover the planetary, zodiac, elemental, gemstone and other affinities for each metal. This course will leave you able to confidently include metals in your own practices and thus take your magick to the next level. 

By the end of the course, students will:

Course requirements & additional resources:

Students need access to a computer or devise that meets the system requirements. For details concerning computer and browser requirements go to:


Access your courses on the go with the mobile app. From any device, students can:


Text books are and other materials are not a requirement for this course.  A list of recommended book titles have been provided for your information. 


Assessment & Accreditation

This course has been graded as having a 'moderate' coursework load. Students will be required to complete a series of short end of lesson knowledge checks in the form of multiple choice quizzes. They will also need to undertake their own research for a short written assignment.  There are no submission dates, however, quizzes and assignments need to be completed and submitted in order to unlock access to the following lesson.  They are also required to complete a short pre and post course evaluation survey. 

The Enchanted Moon Academy is a service provided by the Wytch Moon Tradition as part of their commitment to helping others access quality information and training on magical and Craft related matters. See our 'Path Training' page for more information with regards to coven based training. Completion of this course counts as 1 credit towards The Path of Air - 'Mage' Streams.

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