Norse Paganism

Norse Paganism

Course Tutor: Athene Moon

Number of Lessons: 12

Level: Suitable for beginners

Prerequisites: None

Cost:  £12 unlimited access

Course Description & Learning Outcomes:

This course acts as a well structured and easy to follow introduction to Norse Paganism covering topics such as the different branches and traditions, deity, beliefs, ritual, divination, ethics and community, amongst other things. We will also look at how to build your own personal practice and where to look to for further reliable information and learning. 

By the end of this course, students will:

Course Modules:

Lesson 1 - An Introduction To Norse Paganism

Lesson 2 - Who Were The Norse?

Lesson 3 - Traditions Within Norse Paganism

Lesson 4 - The Norse Creation Myths

Lesson 5 - The Nine Worlds

Lesson 6 - Ragnarok

Lesson 7 - Norse Deities

Lesson 8 - Other Beings

Lesson 9 - The After Life

Lesson 10 - Norse Values

Lesson 11 - Kindred

Lesson 12 - Building A Practice

Course requirements & additional resources:

Students need access to a computer or devise that meets the system requirements. For details concerning

computer and browser requirements go to:


Access your courses on the go with the mobile app. From any device, students can:


Text books and other resources are not a requirement for this course.  A recommended book titles have been provided for your information. 


Assessment & Accreditation

This course has been graded as having a 'moderate' coursework load. Students are expected to carry out short written assignments at the end of most lessons. There is also a quick pre and post course survey to complete that provides us with invaluable feedback. 

The Enchanted Moon Academy is a service provided by the Wytch Moon Tradition as part of their commitment to helping others access quality information and training on magical and Craft related matters. See our 'Path Training' page for more information with regards to coven based training. Completion of this course counts as 1 credit towards The Path of Air - 'Sage' Stream.