Ritual Basics - Preparing For Ritual

Ritual Basics - Preparing For Ritual

Course Tutor: Wort Moon

Number of Lesson Modules: 4

Level: Suitable for beginners and all levels

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £4 unlimited access

Course Description:

Ritual is a large and important part of many people's spiritual traditions and personal practices. Through ritual we show devotion to deity, honour the ancestors, celebrate life rites and the changing of the seasons, acknowledge the Moons' monthly cycle and our own personal cycles too. We also commonly practice magick within ritual (the very act of casting a circle is magick!) Because magick and ritual are such a central aspect of our paths, we need to make sure that we are properly prepared for it - physically, mentally and spiritually.

 During this course we will learn how to go about preparing ourselves for magick and ritual work - form methods for cleansing the body and aura, to taking care of our nutritional needs and mental health.  Each lessons is delivered via easy to follow presentations, and includes practical techniques, book suggestions, videos links, supporting articles and other resources.  

By the end of this course students will:

Course Modules:

Lesson 1 - Preparing Your Body

Lesson 2 - Purification

Lesson 3 - Preparing Your Mind

Lesson 4 - Ritual Dress & Adornments

Course requirements & additional resources:

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Text books and additional materials are not required for this course. Links to additional resources and recommended book titles have been provided but are not essential for completion. 

Assessment & Accreditation

The course has been graded as having a 'light' coursework load as it only includes a couple of short surveys for you to complete in order to help us improve our courses

The Enchanted Moon Academy is a service provided by the Wytch Moon Tradition as part of their commitment to helping others access quality information and training on magical and Craft related matters. See our 'Path Training' page for more information with regards to coven based training. Completion of this course counts as 1 credit towards The Path of Earth and The Path of Air - 'Celebrant', 'Mage', 'Healer' & 'Seer' Streams